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the Importance of Consumer Insights to the Innovation Process

For an innovation process to be successful, teams need to bring both strategy and creativity to the table. They need to look beyond established boundaries, explore possibilities with an open mind, and align visionary inspiration with a pragmatic business sense to uncover innovations that will deliver value to consumers and benefit the company.

How Consumer Insights Fuel Innovation

Contrary to what many companies believe, the innovation process does not begin and end with your team in a room developing the next big product idea. Your consumers need to be involved in the process, because without insights into what they value, want, and need, you simply can’t predict how they’ll react to your products and services. As such, it’s important to gather consumer research insights, data, and feedback early on in the innovation process by:

  • Directly interviewing consumers to gather insights and feedback.
  • Observing the way your customers interact with their environment on a daily basis.
  • Performing consumer marketing research to uncover new insights and opportunities.
  • Evaluating the market with fresh eyes to transform and expand upon existing discoveries.
  • Using your product or service as the consumer would to determine how they’ll feel about your offerings.

By taking the above measures and gathering this data before your product launch, rather than after, you can ensure that your company is innovating in a way that is in alignment with what your customers need and find valuable. 

Leveraging Enterprise Innovation Software to Bring It All Together

Once you’ve performed your consumer insights research, you have to organize and keep track of the data so that it can be used to identify patterns, capitalize on emerging trends, and drive fresh, strategic ideas. That’s where enterprise innovation software can be incredibly valuable by making it easy to store your findings, evaluate your data, and share critical information across the organization. In this way, these solutions ensure that you’re able to leverage consumer insights in an efficient manner, ensuring a productive and successful innovation process.

To learn more about how Batterii can drive your consumer insights and innovation processes, download the Batterii for Consumer Insights Managers solution sheet.

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