It is critical for companies to ensure that the consumer’s wants and needs are driving their marketing research. Failure to do so can lead to innovating faster than the market demands, launching products that exceed what consumers really want, or investing in great ideas that are too far ahead of their time – drastically reducing your chances of success.

Effective marketing research that is driven by the consumer prevents these adverse outcomes. It helps companies generate fresh ideas that are rooted in actual need, increasing the likelihood that their products and concepts are ultimately embraced by consumers. Without this research, you simply can’t predict how the market will react to your latest product or campaign, and that is a very risky business model. With that said, here’s how to use consumer feedback to improve your marketing research, and increase your chances of successful launches and campaigns.

Pay attention to the features consumers want.

When consumers offer feedback regarding features they’d like access to, pay attention. Focus on the result that feature would deliver, such as increased efficiency or improved ease of use, and highlight that benefit in your campaign or look for ways to adjust your business strategy accordingly.

Look for consumer trends.

You can’t act on every piece of feedback you receive. Some suggestions will be isolated events and really shouldn’t be pursued. However, you should track all feedback the company receives so you can identify trends that pop up with any regularity. If you discover that you’re receiving multiple requests for a certain upgrade, it’s something to look at more closely.

Leverage feedback to draw important conclusions.

Don’t take the feedback you receive at face value. Instead, use it to learn more about your customers’ motivations and lifestyle, which can help to further hone your marketing campaign and business strategy. For example, let’s say you learn that your consumers are interested in productivity apps. What conclusions can you draw about them based on that information, and how can you leverage that data to increase the effectiveness of your strategy or campaign?

To successfully leverage the consumer feedback you receive, identify trends, and connect the dots in a meaningful way, you’ll need a streamlined way to organize your research, findings and data. That’s where a tool like Batterii comes into play. Our flexible platform offers a central hub where feedback can be organized, analyzed and manipulated to easily uncover trends and big picture ideas that you can use to improve your marketing research.

To learn more, check out our solution sheet designed specifically to support market research managers. Click the image below to download the Batterii for Market Research Managers solution sheet.

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