on July 20, 2016

5 Ways to Collaborate Through Your Product Lifecycle

In order to create consistently fresh and profitable products, collaboration is absolutely necessary. Teams that are comprised of diverse individuals working together tend to be the most successful, because their varied skillsets and points of view ensure the development of the strongest possible innovations. As such, it is imperative that product managers encourage collaboration on insights and ideas throughout the product lifecycle, ensuring an ideal outcome when developing a new concept to bring to market.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Establish a work environment that fosters creativity

People innovate and collaborate best when they’re not afraid of being judged or criticized. Before beginning a project, set the ground rules up front. Remind everyone on the team to keep an open mind, reserve judgment, and embrace out-of-the-box ideas.

2. Involve the team in each stage of the product lifecycle

To promote collaboration, make sure each stage of the project is visible and accessible to key stakeholders and team members. Make sure everyone is able to have meaningful interactions with product ideas, roadmaps, designs, and prototypes. 

3. Stay organized

Collaboration requires organization if it’s going to be both effective and productive. To begin, gather all insights, research, prototypes, iterations, ideas, and content in one central location. From there, group assets together according to project stage. This high level of organization ensures that everyone involved in the project can find the information they need to innovate.

4. Request and capture feedback

Regularly ask the team to provide feedback regarding ideas, products, user personas, features, and prototypes to ensure that all blind spots are covered. Capture those insights in a digital or physical workspace that can easily be referred to throughout the life of the project. 

5. Visually share the product management lifecycle

Chart the product management lifecycle visually, creating an easy-to-interpret roadmap of the project. This ensures that stakeholders and team members can see the big picture and understand how the project is progressing at every stage. 

There’s no question that everyone benefits when teams collaborate. Individuals from different backgrounds working together fuels innovation and ensures the development of products that consumers want to buy. For more help streamlining and promoting collaboration among team members, check out our latest solution sheet designed specifically for product managers.

How does Batterii support Product Managers with the various jobs and responsibilities they have?

As a product manager, your main job is to develop innovative concepts, strategies, and features for new products and new product lines that will appeal to consumers, defining your organization's place in the market while driving up revenues. However, managing multiple stages of the product lifecycle can prove challenging, especially when resources can be spread out across departments and over time.In this solution sheet, you will discover how Batterii can help solve these challenges by:

• Organizing all relevant content and research involved in a project in one central area

• Capturing product ideas and inspiration while encouraging real-time team input

• Keeping track of all product concepts, iterations, and protoypes during the process

To learn more about how Batterii can facilitate your product management process, download the Product Manager Solution Sheet (PDF).

The Batterii Team

Batterii is a platform designed to help cross-functional teams collaborate through the front end of the design process. The Batterii Team is made up of designers, user experience experts and developers all working to deliver a product that is used by industry leaders in CPG, Pharma, Automotive and Apparel.