Understanding the consumer experience is critical for businesses to be successful, but many companies still fall short on consumer research--and getting inside of consumers' heads. The key to getting inside of the consumers' head likely rests with their phone. 

Gathering input directly from consumers is no longer a luxury for global companies--it's a necessity.  It ensures that the newest product launch or ad campaign is actually going to hit the mark.  Gathering feedback can take a huge amount of effort: engaging a market research firm, bringing consumers in for focus groups, executing endless rounds of surveys...  This approach is daunting, and let's face it, not enjoyable.

After hearing this challenge with many of our customers, the Batterii team had a brilliant idea! What if we create an app that allows consumers to interact directly with brand--sharing from their phone directly into Batterii?  Our Batterii Missions feature was born.

Pocket Sized Research Facility

Today, the Batterii mobile app captures videos, photos, inspiration and stories and is used by brands, agencies, and even market research companies to engage consumers directly.  With Batterii mobile, consumers are "tasked" with missions to share content around a topic--ranging from a "sticky" with an idea or a video showing part of their day.  Batterii Mobile Missions gather different types of research. 

  • Ethnography: Batterii allows consumers to share videos and images to tell the story of their lives. Brands can connect these consumer stories together into a trend or insight. 
  • Inspiration / Coolhunting: Batterii allows brands to go out and search for street-level trends and culture, which lead to great ideas.
  • Product Feedback: With Batterii, consumers share ideas that directly add more value to products, or change the direction of the marketing message around the product.
  • Creative Dialogue: With Batterii, consumers can directly share ideas and feedback with brands, collaborating on ideas, designs and prototypes.

How does mobile consumer research work?

Let's say that we are working with a group of consumers, and we want to understand their laundry routine; what they wash and which products they use.  Using the Batterii Mobile App, consumers can take pictures and video of their laundry routine, uploading this content in the Batterii mobile app where it's instantly accessible to the brand doing the research.  The capture and organization of insights is fast, seamless, and available globally.  Imagine 100 consumers doing this same work--their content can be mapped out, sorted and organized, and trends are identified.  With Batterii, consumers' phones become simple, powerful consumer insights tools. 

 So, Why Does This Matter?

Using Batterii not only makes consumer research fun again, but helps to connect brands directly with consumers.  Seeing first hand the moments that people capture and the ideas that they share is a marketer's dream--and with Batterii, it's can happen quickly and easily for anyone.

Learn how adidas adopted Batterii to become "consumer-obsessed" and achieved double digit sales growth by clicking the image below to download the adidas Case Study.

How adidas Transformed Their Innovation Practices