With a global presence in over 100 markets, Pfizer is one of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world. A cornerstone of their growth continues to be Innovation.

While making healthcare solutions more affordable and accessible around the world isn't easy, they believe that the opportunities presented by mobile and internet connectivity, care convergence, behavior modification, and analytics hold exciting promise for healthcare.

Having a mission is one thing. Getting your people to rally around it is another. 

Here are 3 key ingredients to their success:

1. Focus on the culture.

Pfizer focused on shifting the culture first and creating an environment to support sustainable innovation. They started by asking what a corporate innovation function across the organization would look like, and then aligned the overall mindset with that vision. They tied all employees in the organization to this one focus, because leadership recognized that great ideas aren’t exclusively generated by creative teams – they’re also produced by developers, designers, researchers, and more.

2. Get leadership on board.

A culture of innovation is created, shaped, and guided by the organization’s leadership. So, Pfizer made sure that its executives were supporters and sponsors of the new mindset. By taking risks themselves and investing in opportunities, they demonstrated to employees that risk-taking and seeking out innovation is not only encouraged – it’s the way things are done at Pfizer. 

3. Motivate the employees.

Pfizer knows that more often than not, their next great idea is going to come from the employees. The company focused on motivating employees to innovate. They identified top performers based on their contributions to previous projects and got them excited about the greater mission. And when they landed on a successful innovation, the employees involved were rewarded. This motivated everyone on the staff to focus on seeking out and creating breakthrough ideas.   

To learn more about the precise steps Pfizer took to establish a culture of innovation – and how Batterii’s flexible platform helped support the transformation – click here to access an in-depth PDF detailing each stage of the global organization’s innovation journey.

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