Product managers oversee the product lifecycle for their company and are in charge of driving innovation throughout the process from initial concept to prototype design to product creation. To better manage vast product lifecycles, product managers need the right platform to help them connect team members with the knowledge of the organization.  When choosing a platform, product managers should keep these three factors in mind:

1) Team members need to be able to capture and share inspiration and ideas at a moment’s notice.

Getting started is sometimes the hardest part. One way to start concept development is to involve team members from the very beginning, asking them to share design inspiration and product ideas with their teammates, jumpstarting the initial phase of the product lifecycle.

Choosing a platform that enables content sharing between team members speeds up the concept phase by allowing members to share ideas and inspiration quickly and easily. Batterii provides a single space for teams to share and collaborate ideas, insights, and content. Team members can post links, notes, ideas, and different types of media onto a wall for all to see and evaluate.

2) The customer’s feedback should be included at all points in the product lifecycle.

At the end of the day, customers use your product and provide the most valuable and candid feedback. Customer feedback is imperative at all points of the product lifecycle,  so a great product management platform will integrate customer feedback throughout the process, from initial ideas and concept, to prototyping, to final product creation.

Batterii allows product managers to invite consumers into the Batterii Mobile App and assign “missions,” where they complete certain tasks and provide direct feedback. For example, one product manager asked high school basketball stars to share pictures and videos of unboxing a prototype basketball shoe. One athlete’s video served as inspiration for tweaking the shoe before it hit the market, contributing to the success of the product launch.

3) There should be an element in which people can connect ideas and insights to find untapped opportunities.

After creating initial ideas and even prototypes, product managers need a way to sort and organize all of the information. This sense-making work is critical to find patterns in the research and information. Product managers need a platform to connect the information and leverage it to improve the design and functionality of the product.

To help with sense-making and filtering, content and ideas can be moved quickly and easily in Batterii. Batterii backdrops help product managers with storyboarding, heat mapping, empathy mapping and timelines.  The organized information can help to tell the story of product design right in the Batterii platform, or product managers can easily export into presentations to share with leadership.

To get started with your product management process, download the Content Curation Infographic to learn how Batterii provides the optimal workspace for all of your product inspiration and ideas.

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Chad Reynolds

Chad Reynolds is the Founder of Batterii, a collaboration platform designed to help teams create better experiences. Over the past 15 years, Chad has worked with brands like Adidas, GE Healthcare, Nike and Procter & Gamble to re-imagine their brand experiences for the next generation of consumers.