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Make Work Seamless: How to Bridge the Physical & Digital Worlds



In order to do their best work, modern teams need to bridge the gap between the physical world and the digital realm.

When taking this on, it is common to see teams with these two challenges:

  • How to capture the same “magic” of an in-person workshop when conducting a virtual workshop or innovation session
  • How to keep the momentum going after any workshop, whether it took place in-person or virtually 

Keep The Knowledge Flowing

There are always challenges that come with collaborating, but geography doesn’t have to be one of them. Batterii gives you the ability to start an innovation session or workshop at any time, and from any place. Work is now without boundaries, and thanks to Batterii, you can pull-in whoever needs to be a part of the project – partners, suppliers, consumers, or global team members.

Once a workshop is over, the innovation doesn’t have to stop.

Right after any workshop, it’s time for your team to take a break. But when inspiration strikes or you're ready to get back to building-on themes and ideas, Batterii provides the space and tools so you can go right back to where you left off. Everything is up-to-date, in one shared place where you can center collaboration around content.

With tools and a space for content, insights and ideas, now you can really make creative thinking a daily practice. 

See How Batterii Supports Ideation Sessions & Virtual Collaboration 

With Batterii’s Physical to Digital Guide, learn how to approach all your innovation workshops, including pro tips on how to make the transition from working in the physical to the digital world as seamless as possible.

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