Janet is an employee at a large, multinational consumer packaged goods company. Recently, Janet’s been having an increasingly difficult time locating specific information on consumers. She knows research is available – after all, the company is known for its market research – but she lacks easy access to the specific product and consumer research she needs.

Janet’s desire to cut down on “lost” research is a challenge faced by many people in companies looking for a better way to access all their ongoing research and insights.

Modern teams are looking for an efficient way to consolidate, manage and leverage company research. If this isn’t easily done, teams are not able to take advantage of the power of consumer insight.

Do you know your company’s readiness to capture and leverage consumer insights? Ask these questions to find out.

1. Is your information-sharing limited by silos?

When knowledge is limited to one department or team, and is not easily shared throughout an organization, and those resources aren’t as impactful as they could be. Although not being able to find research we believe has been conducted can be frustrating, it also means repeat research is more likely to occur.

2. Are you able to blend traditional consumer research methods with emerging methods?

Today, understanding the consumer is everyone's job. Consumer research methods such as Focus Groups, Day in the Life, Market Travel, Store Visits, Shadowing and Interviewing are just a few methods used to stay close to the consumer. Digital ethnography is an example of a newer immersive technique that uses online channels for consumer learning.

3. Do you have a framework for organizational storytelling?

Telling stories, or communicating the genesis of an idea, is one of the most effective ways we can promote dialogue and transparency, stir up empathy, and persuade others to see a new point of view. Without the ability to see the history or underlying context/story that goes with our consumer research, our ability to find deep and actionable insights can be hindered.

Improve How You Find & Frame Consumer Insights

To see all the questions you should be asking to promote deeper consumer insights and more knowledge-sharing, download the Consumer Insights white paper. In the paper, you'll uncover more action-oriented tips and the top ways you can nurture ideas so that you can move the right ideas into new product innovations. 

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