on November 30, 2013

Mobile Technology: Pocket-Sized Research Facility to Engage Consumers


While it's commonly understood that the consumer experience is very important (possibly critical) for business success, a majority of companies continue to fall short in consumer research. Forrester Research had a telling piece that explored this idea, called Mapping the Customer Journey.


A Couple of Highlights

  • Companies lack a good perspective on customer needs; nearly 8 out of 10 companies make decisions that take into consideration something other than the needs of their customers.
  • Employees opt to satisfy their own needs, or that of the organization, first; often building experiences that target the wrong audiences.

So, what gives?

Honestly, gathering consumer insights is simply not an enjoyable task. Traditionally, this means a company engages a market research firm to sort through large pools of data, bring target consumers in a room for day-long focus group sessions, execute useful rounds of question … the list goes on. The consumer, the company, and even the firm don't want to be there. What seems like a pretty simple activity is actually cold, tiresome, and in some cases a big waste of everyone's time. In reality, the consumer only wants to make life a little easier, and companies want to build better products & services ... it should be a win-win situation, right?

In an effort to improve this experience (and get better results), we looked at combining mobile technology and micro-tasking to give consumers an easier way to interact and share their lives with brands. We gave consumers the opportunity to expose themselves openly, and see one another's contributions. Some really interesting things started to happen, like seeing deeper engagement and richer data. Not only did consumers share more, they were willing to build ideas together with companies.

Micro-Engaging Consumers

Today, the Batterii Mobile App is focused on efficient capturing of photos and stories. Used by brands, agencies, and even market research companies, our App engages consumers in Mobile Missions. A mission is initiated by brand administrators, and launched out to groups of consumers, asking for specific contributions to help inform and inspire learnings. It's kind of like a simple, pocket-sized research facility. While the basic feature of the App is to capture content, Mobile Missions can gather diverse types of research.

Types of Mobile Missions

Storytelling Through Pictures of a Consumer's Life
- Includes Objects, Brands & Experiences

Inspiration / Coolhunting
Reporting on Street-Level Trends, Culture & What Creates Intrigue

Creating New Ideas
Defining a Thought or Idea to Solve a Problem

Product Feedback
Sharing an Idea to get Feedback that Improves Value Proposition

Creative Dialogue
Engaging in Conversation to Drive Shared Discovery


Let's say that we are working with a group of consumers, and we want to understand their morning ritual; what do they do when they get up and head to work. Using the Batterii Mobile App, consumers can document this series of activities through photos and text descriptions. In a very simple, yet powerful way, this content can be synced to a timeline to help map the consumer journey (for an individual day-in-the-life). Imagine having 100 consumers actually map out their morning rituals, along with all of the products they use, their stories, and even new ideas, to help brands make their mornings better. This can be a powerful, yet simple tool to get at insights.

So, Why Does This Matter?

Mobile technology not only makes consumer research fun again, but helps brands use social interaction to get at shared learnings. Seeing what people capture, what they share, and what they discuss with other consumers is very meaningful for the solutions our clients look to create – and it can happen for anyone.