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Work Better in Batterii: See Our Favorite Features

Releasing Batterii 2.0 marks a major milestone for the Batterii team. "As a platform created to empower individuals to make a difference as creative collaborators, this latest release of Batterii supports this mission,” says our CEO, Kevin Cummins.

Batterii 2.0 continues to be driven by design thinking principles, but we’ve made major improvements that make Batterii an even more powerful tool to change the way people work - impacting how they collect, organize and share information. 

Powering Innovation 

In our latest release, within Rooms are Batterii Walls, which provide users with an enhanced framework to securely store, synthesize and share all their content or multimedia. “The modern employee needs time, tools and space to collect content, form opinions and spark new ideas. Knowing the power in seamless collaboration, the introduction of Walls gives people a way to visualize files, outline a process, and collaborate in a more human way,” adds Cummins.

Based on feedback from our users, Batterii 2.0 serves a larger need for team members and organizations. A list of our new features include:

  • Digital Walls that act as containers, which support users as they collect and curate files and information
  • Flexible workflows, templates and custom content types to support a user’s creative process
  • Simple capture and collection of multimedia using modern web browser extensions and mobile tools
  • Missions that engage and direct participants and consumers through purpose-driven tasks
  • Powerful cards that enable anyone to build or frame rich content including trends, insights, ideas and concepts
  • Social evaluation features to bring teams together, allowing for greater feedback and selection around users’ top ideas and concepts
  • Comprehensive global search to mine, manage and reuse knowledge

With such a major milestone achieved, we asked Batterii team members: “What is one of your favorite features or aspects of Batterii 2.0?"

See the team's responses below.



Kevin Cummins, CEO



John Koehl, CTO



Chad Reynolds, Founder, Director of Customer Success 



Tova Suddarth, Director of Client Services



Wesley Workman, Software Engineer



Dave O'Connell, UX & Product Design Lead 



Will Blum, Accounts Manager



Jonathan Lepolt, Software Engineer

Create a Hub for All Your Content

See how you can use Batterii to collect, capture and build-on concepts and ideas: download the Batterii Guide to Digital Ethnography below.

guide to digital ethnography_download your copy


Chad Reynolds

Chad Reynolds is the Founder of Batterii, a collaboration platform designed to help teams create better experiences. Over the past 15 years, Chad has worked with brands like Adidas, GE Healthcare, Nike and Procter & Gamble to re-imagine their brand experiences for the next generation of consumers.