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How to Scale Innovation: Learning from Pfizer's Innovation Journey


Companies Are Asking the Right Questions About Innovation

At batterii, we are privileged to partner with amazing companies of all sizes across industries who have a passion for and relentless focus on using human centered design to change the way their organizations innovate in the everyday. While every company culture is unique, what is encouraging is that so many of the challenges and goals are shared, forcing organizations of all types to ask many of the same questions:

  • How can we move beyond incremental innovations and the “same old ideas” to deliver more disruptive and breakthrough concepts?
  • Can we find a way to move from sporadic, serendipitous ideation to a model that makes innovation repeatable?
  • What will allow us to move from a reactive approach to new product development to a proactive framework that identifies trends before they overrun us?
  • How can we change the way our colleagues think about problem solving, and how can we scale these new mindsets and methods across our entire organization?

The Integration of Design Thinking

Increasingly, companies who have long focused on open innovation and idea management are incorporating design thinking as part of a “well balanced diet” for enterprise innovation.  At batterii, we are excited to be working with Pfizer, one of the world’s largest biopharmaceutical companies, to help them bring the power of human-centered innovation to every one of their 77,000 employees.

Learn About Pfizer's "Dare to Try" Innovation Program at Design Thinking 2015

On February 26th, batterii CEO Kevin Cummins will be joining forces with John Klick, Pfizer’s Senior Manager of Innovation, at the CINO Design Thinking Forum in San Francisco to present Pfizer’s Innovation Journey. This presentation will cover how their flagship enterprise innovation program called “Dare to Try” is building an ownership culture and capabilities in design thinking through the workforce. 

The presentation will touch on four key building blocks of a successful innovation program, including:

  • Executive Support
  • Scalable Process
  • Motivated Workforce
  • Enabling Technology

Kevin will show how batterii is powering the Dare to Try program. He will demonstrate how software is helping Pfizer overcome a common hurdle in enterprise human-centered design initiative: scaling new behaviors and practices to the entire workforce and making them part of everyday innovation.

Sneak Peak of Batterii's Next Release

Participants will also get a sneak peek of the next Batterii release, which will include a bevy of new features, including:

  • New mobile technology
  • Flexible, customized processes and activities
  • Advanced sense-making features
  • Digital walls
  • Enhanced storytelling capabilities

Can’t attend the forum? Stay connected and join the conversation by following @batterii for our live tweet stream of the event. We look forward to hearing from you!

- The batterii team


Download a copy of the presentation: "Pfizer's Innovation Journey: How Integrating Human-Centered Design Can Build an Innovative Culture and New Capabilities" 

 download the pfizer innovation journey presentation

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