Each year, the Design Thinking Conference brings in thought leaders from some of the biggest global brands, providing attendees with actionable advice, fresh ideas, and best practices for human-centered innovation.

At this year’s conference held in San Francisco, CA, on February 24-25, 2016, business leaders will spend two days focusing on how to create a human-centric environment to activate creative design. Industry leaders will also highlight how leaders can help their teams develop loyal consumer-product relationships. Other topics addressed at the conference include:

  • How to cultivate a culture that encourages playful creativity
  • How to encourage design thinking and realize the power of empathy-based research
  • Ways to involve consumers and clients early in the product development stage to maximize co-creation potential

“Innovation Is At the Core of Everything We Do”

Gabe Heller, Director of Innovation at adidas Basketball, will be presenting on how a company with innovation in its DNA is shaping the future of sport.

“We are continually looking for ways to connect with the consumer and get a deeper understanding of their wants and needs,” says Heller. “Our challenge is to take these insights, connect the dots, and turn these insights into actions. In doing this, we create products and experiences that resonate beyond the aesthetics.”

adidas’ relentless focus on the consumer is clearly paying off. In concert with creative collaborations with athletes and influencers, adidas' "consumer obsessed" game plan to drive brand desirability, co-creation and the development of new skills across their people has resulted in one shared purpose, and a digital platform that is changing how they work.

Heller will provide an inside look at how this has happened, including how adidas has built a relationship and spirit of collaboration with consumers. Heller’s presentation will also include:

  • What goes into skill development for adidas’ design thinking teams
  • How adidas is creating a culture focused on consumer empathy
  • An inside look at the sportswear giant’s collaboration with trend-setters and influencers to feed product design

“We are excited to have Gabe as our guest speaker for this conference,” says Kevin C. Cummins, CEO of Batterii. “Our Batterii platform was developed for companies like adidas to uncover consumer stories and insights. Gabe is a great example of the challenges and successes teams experience on the journey toward becoming consumer-obsessed."

To see how Batterii can be your innovation game-changer, request a demo today. For more on the conference, visit here.