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3 Simple Strategies to Brainstorming Product Ideas

Generating great ideas is extremely important when designing a new product of service  experience. While you can quickly organize everyone and a Batterii digital room and say "go", we've found that it's important to establish some simple strategies for how your team collaborates. Here are three qucik examples to help frame up your activities:

Strategy 1: Embrace visual prompts.

Visual prompts are great for the idea generation process because they have a way of uncovering hidden concepts, revealing concealed feelings, and inspiring intuitive inspiration. And, they tend to unveil really strong product ideas that connect to your customers on an emotional level, along with solutions that resonate psychologically.

To use this strategy, begin by passing out pre-selected images of various subjects, scenarios, and situations. For maximum creativity, make sure some of the images relate directly to your business challenge, while others appear irrelevant and random. From there, ask your team to come up with product ideas and solutions that are inspired by those images.

You might ask others to do this as pre-work, have them shareout what they discovered... and then generate ideas for a few minutes.


Strategy 2: Try semantic intuition.

Semantic intuition can infuse your brainstorming session with fresh energy, especially if your team has been at it for a while and everyone’s feeling blocked. To begin, select three word categories that relate to your business challenge, such as “features of the product,” “customer benefits,” and “verbs associated with the product.” From there, generate a list of words that fit into each of these categories, and combine them randomly to kick start a new conversation.

Strategy 3: Improve existing products.

Don’t rule out the very real possibility that it may not be necessary to invent an entirely new product. In many cases, successful brainstorming looks like improving on your existing offerings. To begin, assess the product lifecycle of your current offerings and ask your team to consider how to extend their appeal. For example, if you have an anti-wrinkle cream that’s on the decline, ask participants to brainstorm a fresh spin on the product for a new demographic.

To speed up collaboration, you might use Batterii cards to frame up your ideas and assign "improvements" to collaborators. This round robin appreach helps create a stream of idea buids that address other perspectives. Below is an example of one of these walls in Batterii.


Using these tips and tricks, you and your team can have a more productive brainstorming session. To learn more about how you can digitize your ideation sessions, sign up for a free trial of Batterii.

Chad Reynolds

Chad Reynolds is the Founder of Batterii, a collaboration platform designed to help teams create better experiences. Over the past 15 years, Chad has worked with brands like Adidas, GE Healthcare, Nike and Procter & Gamble to re-imagine their brand experiences for the next generation of consumers.