on July 27, 2016

3 Reasons Why Mobility and Flexibility Are Important to Consumer Insights

Consumer insights are invaluable to the product development process. However, not all strategies are created equal. A consumer insights program that is inflexible, rigid, and difficult to navigate isn’t particularly beneficial because it prohibits team members from productively leveraging their findings to drive innovation and achieve company objectives.

Especially when operating on a global scale, organizations need a mobile and flexible method of gathering consumer insights because this type of process will: 

  1. Streamline product development. To develop successful concepts, product management teams need to stay close to the consumer. For a global company, that requires going out into the field in different countries, making observations, and interacting with the target market. During these trips, team members need a reliable, flexible, and mobile way to capture useful insights wherever and whenever they arise.
  1. Bring teams together. It’s impossible for every team member to attend every trip into the field, and that’s precisely why a mobile tool that can be shared from anywhere in the world is critical for global companies. It allows insights to be collected and immediately shared with the team at home, so that they can begin working with the assets, capturing innovation, and collaborating from afar.
  1. Drive innovation faster and more effectively. For global companies in particular, staying ahead of the curve requires consistently bringing fresh new products to market – and that calls for a rapid innovation process. A mobile, flexible way of gathering consumer insights fulfills this need by capturing observations, findings, and inspiration anywhere in the world and instantly sharing them with the entire team. This ensures that everyone involved in a project is on the same page and can leverage these assets to drive innovation.

A mobile and flexible process of gathering consumer insights isn’t a luxury for global companies – it’s a necessity. It ensures that your organization can collaborate, innovate, and develop new concepts as productively as possible, so that you can drive brand desirability, spot emerging trends, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Need proof? adidas adopted the Batterii platform to become "consumer-obsessed", and the positive effects on its core business were undeniable. By using Batterii, adidas teams improved the way that they leverage consumer research and build insights to fee product development.  By speeding up the response to consumer trends and demands, adidas drove a sales lift of 22%.

Check out our adidas case study to learn why over 2500 adidas employees use Batterii on their phones and laptops across the globe:

How adidas Transformed Their Innovation Practices

Chad Reynolds

Chad Reynolds is the Founder of Batterii, a collaboration platform designed to help teams create better experiences. Over the past 15 years, Chad has worked with brands like Adidas, GE Healthcare, Nike and Procter & Gamble to re-imagine their brand experiences for the next generation of consumers.